Louie! Louie!

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. He's soooooo cool.
From the minute I brought him home, I knew we were going to be good friends.
He makes me laugh all the time. His name is Louie and he's a Quaker Parrot.
He demands so much attention it's almost like having a baby in the house...and
he's about that messy too. It's almost a full time job cleaning up the food
and toys he scatters everywhere.

This is Louie his first day at home
when he was 3 months old.
After I had him for only a few days he
was trying to talk. After about 2 weeks, I
noticed him making funny noises one day...kind
of sounded like 3 little "ha"s with a shrill gasp
at the end. The more I listened, the funnier it
sounded and when I laughed at him, it dawned on me....
He was trying to do my laugh. Now, he's got a great
little belly laugh that seems to come out of nowhere
sometimes, like he's just heard the funniest joke ever.

Louie's favorite toys used to be Q-Tips.
He would work and work till he got all
the cotton ends chewed off.

        He does a lot of talking now. He says "hello", of course. And "What are you doing?" When I walk past his cage he asks where I'm going. He says "You're a turkey" and
        "Whatdaya say, dirty bird?" and "You're a rascal" and "You're a silly bird". He coughs and sneezes (both fake of course), he makes the noise the door makes when it closes. While I clean the floor under his cage he's usually hanging on the cage looking down at me saying, "Nasty bird, nasty birrrrrd". I also have a Sun Conure parrot named Sam. Louie says, "Hello Sam" and "Hello pretty baby!"

        If he gets bored and lonesome, he'll yell "C'mere! C'mere" till I just have to go play with him for a little while. Sometimes he yells "Smooches right here. Right here, smooches pleeeeeeease". I go over and give him a little kiss on the beak, then he'll give me a kiss on the cheek. I say "Thank you" and he says, "You're my sweetheart".

        Louie has learned a couple of lines from 2 songs. He sings, "Meet me in St. Louie, Louie.....Meet me at the fair" and "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine". I told you he's cool! : )

        Sometimes when I want him to get on my hand, he hesitates because he's afraid I'm going to put him back in the cage. If I ask him if he wants to go play, he hops right up. We were out of town one night and he had to stay in his cage for about 24 hours. The next day when I wanted him to go play with me, he wasn't taking any chances that he was going back in the cage for that long so when I stuck my hand in front of him, he looked up and said "Go play?" I said, "Yeah, let's go play" and he was thrilled to step up onto my hand.

        If I yell at him or give him a dirty look for being too loud (he can be VERY loud), he scolds me, saying, "Better behave! Be good!". Sometimes he scolds himself. He'll yell, "Louie! Be nice, big mouth!!!".

        Louie's favorite game is peek-a-boo. He puts his head down like he's hiding, then jerks it back up and says, "Peek-a-Boo!"

        He loves to go outside and sit on the deck or ride on my shoulder while I water my flowers.

        Louie likes to lay on his back and have
        his tummy scratched. But even though he's flat
        on his back, he has to hold onto a finger or a
        washcloth because he's still afraid he'll fall.